SEO Translation

SEO Translation is different to standard translation because it involves the translation of web texts with specific requirements. For example:

  • keywords may need to be adjusted in different languages (not just translated)
  • The translated text should be revised for SEO: readability, keyword density etc.
  • Links may need to be amended in the translated text
  • Tags and alt tags need to be translated as well as the text itself
  • Multimedia files (videos etc.) may need to be translated or adjusted appropriately

Also, many clients prefer to have their translated texts uploaded to their website directly, rather than receiving the translated documents in a WORD document and then having to upload and optimize everything themselves. While this is not specifically SEO translation, it is something that Multiola often helps clients with.

If you would like to find out more about SEO translation and how it can work for you and your business, please get in touch!